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Angel Flight Central (AFC) is a nonprofit organization that serves people in need by arranging charitable flights for health care or other humanitarian purposes. AFC is able to provide these services at no cost to the passenger through the help and generosity of our volunteer pilots. A passenger's use of these services is at the sole and exclusive discretion of AFC. AFC reserves the right to deny any passenger’s request for assistance.

  • Who does Angel Flight Central serve?
    AFC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to arranging free air transportation for children and adults who are in situations of compelling human need. Our generous volunteer pilots donate their time and resources to provide long distance flights less than 900 nautical miles. Nearly 90% of the people who travel with AFC are flown to specialized medical care. We are a non emergency service and need 5 to 10 business days to coordinate a flight - the more time the better! In addition, AFC provides compassion flights for veterans and first responders, help children fly to specialized summer camps, fly breast milk to rural NICUs, and service puppies to their training facilities or new owners . AFC volunteer pilots also assist in Disaster Response and relief for small cargo, key personnel, or relocation efforts.
  • Which States does Angel Flight Central support?
    AFC serves passengers residing in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. AFC provides flights for both rural and urban populations as our pilots are based at general aviation airports throughout the region. AFC networks with other charitable aviation organizations to serve passengers who may live outside its 10-state region.
  • How much does the flight cost?
    Free. No matter how many times you need to go, it's always free. The cost of an angel flight is a THANK YOU to your pilot (or pilots). The HELP and HOPE delivered is often priceless. Due to FAA regulations, volunteer pilots are not permitted to receive any compensation for providing this service, either from our passengers or Angel Flight Central.
  • Does Angel Flight Central arrange lodging and ground transportation?
    No. Angel Flight Central does not arrange lodging for any passengers. Ground transportation is the responsibility of the passengers.
  • Where does your funding come from?
    Angel Flight Central is supported through charitable giving and the donated services of our volunteer pilots. Individuals, corporations, small businesses, other organizations, and foundations donate cash and in-kind services to support flight coordination, public awareness, outreach, recruitment, and administrative costs.
  • How might passengers help Angel Flight Central?
    We want to hear from you! Please let the AFC Coordination Team know how you’re doing after your flight and give us feedback on your experience so we can pass it along to all those involved in making your flight possible. We also hope that you will share your experience about Angel Flight Central with your friends, family and in your community so we can help more people in need.
  • Who is eligible to receive assistance?
    Angel Flight Central’s primary mission is to transport people who are financially unable to travel for their medical needs or have a compelling situation. Our service is for travel to planned appointments. Compassion and urgent flight requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. AFC does not provide service for emergency transportation needs and does not have medical staff onboard the flights.
  • What happens after a request is approved?
    Once a passenger's request is approved, Angel Flight Central's staff will match the request with a volunteer pilot. If a pilot has not been found close to the departure day, the staff will work closely with the passengers regarding alternative or back-up plans. Passengers will receive notification when a pilot has volunteered to fly their angel flight requests. If a flight is delayed or needs to be rescheduled for any reason, AFC staff will notify the passenger. There is no guarantee a request will be met, however, the AFC Coordination Team will do everything possible to ensure safe travel for every approved request.
  • What are the responsibilities of the passenger?
    The following are expectations we have of passengers traveling with Angel Flight Central: Inform your Flight Coordinator about any changes in your plans such as appointment changes (dates, times, cancellations), changes in travel companions, changes in travel arrangements, etc. Have an alternative means of travel in mind in the event the flight cannot be flown due to inclement weather or sudden scheduling conflicts. Provide your Flight Coordinator with phone numbers where you may be reached prior to each flight including both home and away. Ensure your cell phone inbox is not full so we may leave a message if needed. Limit the weight of your luggage to a combined total of 50 pounds. Sign a form releasing the volunteer pilot and Angel Flight Central, Inc. from any liability in connection with the flight. Follow the pilot’s directions before, during and immediately after the flight. Thank the pilot for this generous service.
  • What are my rights as an Angel Flight Central passenger?
    You have the right to be contacted by Angel Flight Central with the name of the passenger’s pilot as soon as the information is available. You have the right to be contacted by the pilot within 24 hours of the planned departure. And, you have the right to be treated professionally and with respect by every member of our organization.
  • What security and liability protection measures are taken?
    Prior to departure, passengers are required to sign a Liability Release and may be asked to provide a photo ID. Parents/guardians are required to sign a liability release form for minors under 18 years old. If a passenger would like to review the Liability Release before their flight day, a copy can be found here: Baggage is subject to be searched at the pilot’s discretion. All Angel Flight Central Volunteer Pilots are certified and regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and are issued a name badge by AFC for identification purposes.
  • What is the maximum distance a passenger may travel?
    AFC will provide flights up to 900 nautical miles. Flights over 300 miles may be “linked” with other pilots and passengers may fly with up to three pilots on a single journey. Travel that extends outside our region or over 900 miles may qualify for Southwest Airlines medical traveler e-pass grant. Vouchers are limited in number. Please contact a Flight Coordinator for more information and eligibility.
  • Who provides the transportation?
    AFC Volunteer Pilots either own or have access to general aviation airplanes. All pilots are required to have the appropriate qualifications and certifications as regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Volunteer Pilots donate their time, fuel expense and aircraft to provide this unique service. They receive no monetary compensation whatsoever for their generosity.
  • What types of planes are flown?
    AFC Volunteer Pilots typically fly planes that seat four to six passengers. The aircraft is usually non-pressurized with a single engine. All planes must carry a Standard Airworthiness Certificate provided by the FAA.

Qualify for a Flight.



Security Protocol

Maintaining the safety and security of our pilots and passengers.

Liability Release

To be signed by all passengers, companions and co-pilots for each flight.

Passenger Medical Release

To be signed by the passenger's medical professional.

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